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(18-07-2022) Odense BK v FC Nordsjaelland vent starts at: 06:00 PM (GMT+0000)
(17-07-2022) Viborg v AaB vent starts at: 01:00 PM (GMT+0000)
(17-07-2022) Lyngby v Silkeborg IF vent starts at: 01:00 PM (GMT+0000)
(17-07-2022) FC Copenhagen v AC Horsens vent starts at: 03:00 PM (GMT+0000)
(17-07-2022) Brondby v AGF Aarhus vent starts at: 05:00 PM (GMT+0000)
(15-07-2022) Midtjylland v Randers FC vent starts at: 06:00 PM (GMT+0000)
(09-07-2022) Charlotte Independence v Richmond Kickers vent starts at: 12:00 AM (GMT+0000)
(06-07-2022) Northern Colorado Hailstorm v Forward Madison FC vent starts at: 02:00 AM (GMT+0000)
(06-07-2022) Lambton Jaffas v Charlestown Azzurri vent starts at: 10:00 AM (GMT+0000)
(05-07-2022) Pachuca v Queretaro vent starts at: 03:00 AM (GMT+0000)
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(03-07-2022) Jack Sock vs Jason Kubler starts at: 11:00 AM (GMT+0000)
(02-07-2022) Zhizhen Zhang vs Jozef Kovalik starts at: 12:00 PM (GMT+0000)
(02-07-2022) Yifan Xu / Zhaoxuan Yang vs Jule Niemeier / Andrea Petkovic starts at: 02:30 PM (GMT+0000)
(02-07-2022) Ya-Yi Yang vs Eryn Cayetano starts at: 06:00 PM (GMT+0000)
(02-07-2022) Ya-Hsuan Lee / Fang-Hsien Wu vs Jia-Jing Lu / Alana Parnaby starts at: 02:00 PM (GMT+0000)
(02-07-2022) William Cooksey vs Alvaro Heute starts at: 06:00 PM (GMT+0000)
(02-07-2022) Valeria Koussenkova vs Gloria Alogo Piqueras starts at: 08:30 AM (GMT+0000)
(02-07-2022) Thiago Agustin Tirante / Juan Bautista Torres vs Theo Arribage / Luca Sanchez starts at: 11:30 AM (GMT+0000)
(02-07-2022) Taisia Yakunina vs Laura Lopez Giese starts at: 01:00 PM (GMT+0000)
(02-07-2022) Santiago Gonzalez / Andres Molteni vs Robert Galloway / Max Schnur starts at: 02:30 PM (GMT+0000)
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(07-07-2022) TNT Tropang Giga vs San Miguel Beermen vent starts at: 12:15 PM (GMT+0000)
(07-07-2022) Converge Fiberxers vs NLEX Road Warriors vent starts at: 10:15 AM (GMT+0000)
(06-07-2022) Terrafirma Dyip vs Barangay Ginebra San Miguel vent starts at: 11:00 AM (GMT+0000)
(06-07-2022) Rain or Shine Elasto Painters vs Meralco Bolts vent starts at: 08:00 AM (GMT+0000)
(04-07-2022) Uruguay vs Chile vent starts at: 12:40 AM (GMT+0000)
(04-07-2022) Colombia vs Brazil vent starts at: 01:40 AM (GMT+0000)
(03-07-2022) Venezuela vs Paraguay vent starts at: 10:10 PM (GMT+0000)
(03-07-2022) Sweden vs Slovenia vent starts at: 04:00 PM (GMT+0000)
(03-07-2022) Slovakia vs Latvia vent starts at: 05:00 PM (GMT+0000)
(03-07-2022) Serbia vs Belgium vent starts at: 08:00 PM (GMT+0000)
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(04-07-2022) IDream Tiruppur Tamizhans vs Dindigul Dragons vent starts at: 02:45 PM (GMT+0000)
(02-07-2022) Singapore v Papua New Guinea vent starts at: 12:30 PM (GMT+0000)
(02-07-2022) Malaysia v Bhutan vent starts at: 04:00 AM (GMT+0000)
(02-07-2022) Jersey v USA vent starts at: 09:00 AM (GMT+0000)
(01-07-2022) Sri Lanka Women vs India Women vent starts at: 05:30 AM (GMT+0000)
(01-07-2022) Namibia vs USA vent starts at: 09:00 AM (GMT+0000)
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(02-07-2022) Minas vs Assoeva vent starts at: 03:00 PM (GMT+0000)
(02-07-2022) Joinville vs Joacaba Futsal vent starts at: 09:00 PM (GMT+0000)
(02-07-2022) Foz Cataratas vs Carlos Barbosa vent starts at: 11:00 PM (GMT+0000)
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(03-07-2022) 5.40 Chelmsford City (Race 8) vent starts at: 05:40 PM (GMT+0000)
(03-07-2022) 5.30 Tramore (Race 7) vent starts at: 05:30 PM (GMT+0000)
(03-07-2022) 5.20 Market Rasen (Race 7) vent starts at: 05:20 PM (GMT+0000)
(03-07-2022) 5.12 Ayr (Race 7) vent starts at: 05:12 PM (GMT+0000)
(03-07-2022) 5.05 Chelmsford City (Race 7) vent starts at: 05:05 PM (GMT+0000)
(03-07-2022) 4.55 Tramore (Race 6) vent starts at: 04:55 PM (GMT+0000)
(03-07-2022) 4.45 Market Rasen (Race 6) vent starts at: 04:45 PM (GMT+0000)
(03-07-2022) 4.37 Ayr (Race 6) vent starts at: 04:37 PM (GMT+0000)
(03-07-2022) 4.30 Chelmsford City (Race 6) vent starts at: 04:30 PM (GMT+0000)
(03-07-2022) 4.20 Tramore (Race 5) vent starts at: 04:20 PM (GMT+0000)
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(02-07-2022) Zdenek Kasinski vs Vaclav Nohejl starts at: 01:30 PM (GMT+0000)
(02-07-2022) Zdenek Kasinski vs Vaclav Hruska Sr starts at: 12:00 PM (GMT+0000)
(02-07-2022) Yurii Teteria vs Sergey Filatov starts at: 10:25 AM (GMT+0000)
(02-07-2022) Yurii Teteria vs Oleksandr Zhukovskyi starts at: 09:15 AM (GMT+0000)
(02-07-2022) Yurii Teteria vs Mykola Lytvynenko starts at: 08:05 AM (GMT+0000)
(02-07-2022) Yurii Teteria vs Dmytro Dubrovin starts at: 11:35 AM (GMT+0000)
(02-07-2022) Yurii Parahailo vs Oleg Savenkov starts at: 03:05 PM (GMT+0000)
(02-07-2022) Yurii Parahailo vs Anton Myrza starts at: 01:05 PM (GMT+0000)
(02-07-2022) Yurii Kolos vs Yaroslav Tebenko starts at: 12:25 PM (GMT+0000)
(02-07-2022) Yurii Kolos vs Andrei Huchok starts at: 07:25 AM (GMT+0000)
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(03-07-2022) Japan Women vs Serbia Women starts at: 12:00 AM (GMT+0000)
(03-07-2022) Germany Women vs Canada Women starts at: 03:00 AM (GMT+0000)
(02-07-2022) Turkey Women vs USA Women starts at: 09:00 PM (GMT+0000)
(02-07-2022) Turkey Women vs Japan Women starts at: 12:00 AM (GMT+0000)
(02-07-2022) Sweden Women vs Portugal Women starts at: 02:00 PM (GMT+0000)
(02-07-2022) Serbia Women vs Canada Women starts at: 03:00 AM (GMT+0000)
(02-07-2022) Italy Women vs Bulgaria Women starts at: 06:00 PM (GMT+0000)
(02-07-2022) Dominican Rep Women vs Poland Women starts at: 11:30 AM (GMT+0000)
(02-07-2022) Brazil Women vs Thailand Women starts at: 02:30 PM (GMT+0000)
(01-07-2022) USA Women vs Serbia Women starts at: 03:00 AM (GMT+0000)
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