What was the highest sports betting win ever?

There have been several high-profile sports betting wins over the years, but the biggest known sports betting win ever was by a man named Mick Gibbs, a roofer from Staffordshire, England. In 2001, Gibbs placed a 30 pence (about 50 cents) bet on a 15-fold accumulator, correctly predicting the outcome of 15 football matches across Europe. The odds of this bet were 1,666,666 to 1, meaning that if he won, he stood to gain an enormous payout.

Against all odds, Gibbs’s bet proved successful, and he won a total of £500,000 (approximately $704,000 USD) from the bet. Gibbs later described the win as a “dream come true” and said that he had been a lifelong football fan.

While Gibbs’s win remains the biggest known sports betting win ever, there have been other notable wins as well. In 2018, a man from Las Vegas won $1.2 million on a $500 bet on the Super Bowl, correctly predicting the outcome of several prop bets. And in 2019, a woman from Texas won $1.2 million on an $18 bet on the Kentucky Derby, correctly predicting the top five horses in the race in the correct order.

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